Monday, December 12, 2011

My sweet, silly girl

Our China Angel support group always has a fantastic Chinese New Year celebration.  This year, our angels will be performing.  What a treat!  So for weeks and weeks, we have been getting up early on Saturday mornings - UGH - and going to dance.  Emma was pretty clingy at first, but she is slowly coming around and participating better in class.  This week, they practiced on "the stage."  This isn't where we are having it, but the kids still thought it was pretty cool!  I love the look of concentration on Emma's face!

...and the look of, "I'm bored...when's the next song starting."

and the fave...the sweet, "Momma, do you see me?" face!

Later, the little angels, sat together to watch the bigger girls practice their dance.  She was mesmerized!

I can't wait to see her performance!  What a great way to celebrate our second CNY!

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