Friday, June 15, 2007

A trip to the country

Today Elizabeth and I went out to "the country" to visit my Granny. I love my Granny. She is an amazing woman! In her younger years she dusted, vacuumed, cleaned the bathrooms, changed the sheets and did laundry EVERY DAY! I am lucky to get it done once a month! I would have eaten off of her basement floor! Now, as the years have gone on, it's hard for her to walk from the bedroom to the kitchen, but today as Elizabeth sat on her lap, her eyes looked a bit younger and brighter. Elizabeth just loved on her and I really think we made her day! When I was a little girl, Granny kept all of us kids and those are by far some of my fondest memories of childhood! She would hang quilts on the porch to keep it shady and cool. Some days, she would take the screen out of the door and pass our lunch out the "drive through" window. Don't get me wrong...we also had to get our own switches if we misbehaved! She kept us in line! Granny keeps asking about my adoption and when I am going to get my baby...she says each time, "Law, I hope I live to see that little thing!" I hope and pray she does, too, but I know she is longing for Heaven. My Papaw died February 13, 1997...10 years ago. I think he will be in line right behind Jesus to welcome her to Heaven!

While we were out there, we also saw Smokey, my Uncle Charlie's goat. I have never known a goat to refuse food, but Smokey did. We took an apple all cut up for him and he would have nothing to do with it! Elizabeth kept trying...he did eat a few leaves we offered...then, he walked away into his little "house" as if to say, "I am really ready for my nap, would you people please just LEAVE?!" So much for that! We had fun trying though!


redmaryjanes said...

You are so lucky to still have your Grandmother. I am lucky too as both of mine are still living. I can tell that you cherish seeing her.

Kris said...

I've enjoyed reading through your blog! My grandma stopped to see me today and she made some of the same comments your grandma did! She's very excited, too. I started teaching Spec Ed, and have recently made the change to Gen Ed as a Reading Specialist. Love it! Sending happy thoughts your way as you wait for your daughter! Kristen