Monday, August 27, 2007

It's HOT!

Well, most of you know my house is not air conditioned...lovely, I know! I do have a window unit in the bedroom and the kitchen, but cleaning in the summer is out of the question and if I do, I rid my body of LOTS of toxins! Anyway, on Friday as I drove home, the a/c in my car stopped. I took it in to the shop today and left it while I was at school. I walked into my classroom and began turning on lights. I went to the a/c and flipped the switch...NOTHING. No! This can't be! No a/c in the classroom all day would be more than I could stand. I told the secretary and started looking for fans. Later in the morning, I said somewhat jokingly..."Let's make sure it's plugged in!" Well, it wasn' had come just slightly out of the socket, but enough that it didn't work. So we did have air in the room!

The Honda Service guy called after lunch and said, "Do you want the good news or the bad?" Long story short, the entire a/c system was toast! It would be about a $1,500 bill. The good news was that because I was a good customer and had all my service done at the dealership, not to mention the fact that it was only a 2003, they worked it out that it would be TOTALLY COVERED!!! Praise God! So they gave me a loaner with working a/c and mine should be ready late tomorrow! All that to say...get all your service done at the dealer and they will take care of you! (I know not all the time, but they sure did this time for me!)

So I kept my cool, my room kept it's cool, and soon so will my car!

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