Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Glad Game

My friend, Kristen, reminded me of one of my most favoritest things! As a child, I loved the movie "Pollyanna." I wanted to live in that house...I wanted those dresses...I wanted to be able to talk with an accent. I loved everything about it! Fast forward several years to college. One night as my best friend/roommate and I were going to sleep, we played a game where one of us would say a quote from a favorite movie and the other would try to decide the character and movie! I really stumped her with, "Oh Nancy! It's gorgeous" and "Let's play the glad game!" Both are quotes from Pollyanna. I know it loses a lot without the accent, but I am laughing outloud just thinking about it! Anyway, Pollyanna and her father used to play the glad game and they would think together about all the things that made them glad and it made the difficult things seem not so bad. Pretty simple really, but if you do can really make a difference in your outlook. There is always a silver lining. My mom bought me a tshirt for my birthday last year that had a glass on it and said, "half full." Just the way I look at are the things I am glad about today.

1. It rained yesterday!
2. today, the sky was bluer than blue and there was a great breeze...perfect weather.
3. My dog gets a bath tomorrow...I love the way he looks and smells when he's fresh and clean!
4. I am sleeping with the window open and I can hear the crickets chirping.
5. I had my Momma's sloppy joes and macaroni salad for supper and it was delicious.
6. Tonight, at my parents house, Dad hid a treat for Max in an empty box and Max had his head all the way in the box trying to get it out...we all laughed so hard!
7. I love my job...even on hard days (like today)!
8. My best friend Kristi may get to come for our 10 year college reunion!
9. My pillows are perfect! And in just a minute, I will be laying my head on them!
10. I am going to be a Momma! That makes me the most glad!

Rent the movie this will be GLAD you did! What are you glad about?


Shelley said...

Hey Ang...I love the Glad Game...I will have to give it a try.
Hope you are doing well. We miss you.
We will be back in TN early this next week to start packing up the rest of our stuff for the move.
Take care~

dgardenhour said...

Talking to you makes me GLAD! :)
Enjoyed our chat, Ang!!!