Sunday, October 7, 2007


I've been longing for Emma this weekend...I dreamed of her last night...I could feel her in my arms and then when I woke up with empty arms I was so sad. In my dream, I traveled at 18 if that were to be true, there are only 10 more to go which would put me at August 08! I could handle that! Anyway, I decided to take myself out for Chinese tonight to feel a little closer to her. We have a fabulous, family owned restaurant here in my town...they cater our Chinese New Year. Their youngest son and his friend (both 6 years old) were my entertainment. They played piano and violin for me and even taught me a few words and phrases in Chinese. I even learned to use chopsticks. Mrs. C and I talked about Emma and where I am in the process and Mrs. C told me to come in every Sunday night and she could teach me a little Chinese each week. I had such a fun time and laughed so hard at the kids!

The best part though was my fortune...just what I needed to remind me that God knows the desires of my heart and I trust that He will fulfill those desires in His perfect timing!

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