Friday, November 16, 2007

Joy at the Bell

T@co Bell that is...

When I was a sophmore in college, my best friend Kristi and I discovered a new treat at T@co Bell. It was the "chi1ito." Seriously, we went SEVERAL times a week. Back then, it was cash only so we would go to W@l-mart, buy a pack of gum or a new pen, and ask for 10 cash back. Then we would head to the bell and eat our hearts out. My freshman year, I actually lost weight...but the chilito year I think I added much more! We got so incredibly sick of these that we couldn't eat there for years.

Well, a great thing happened this week - chi1itos - now known as chili cheese burritos are back. I went there for lunch the other day and it was such a comfort. I felt as if I was back in college! I felt like I ought to have gone to W@l-mart to get cash first...and most of all, I wished that my Kristi could have been there to share the joy. She lives like a million hours away and I so miss being roommates. No one gets me like her...there are so many funny memories that just the mention of them sends us into hours of laughter...the kind of laugh that ends in a sigh which causes us to laugh all the more. There's nothing like a best friend! I had to call her as soon as I ate it and just relive the memory! If you don't have a friend like need one! Ask Santa!

Another great thing this week - Tonight I had dinner with my old suite mate Rochelle. She and her family were in town visiting family. What a blessing to get to sit and talk and catch was as if we'd never been apart! Thanks for a fun night Rochelle!

have a great weekend...and go get yourself comfort in a tortilla - a chili cheese burrito!


Erica said...

It's amazing that something like a special dish can bring back such strong memories. I'm so glad it brought back good memories even if it did make you miss your friend.

Kristen said...

Guess what I had to have for lunch yesterday? Yep, you guessed it, a Chili Cheese Burrito! I couldn't resist!