Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Special Delivery

I had a very special piece of mail today! My fingerprint appointment finally arrived! I still can't figure out why the prints must be redone...or why I have to drive 5 hours to get them done at a Federal Office, but I will be obedient! Now starts the wearing of the gloves...it's a rough time of year to keep my fingers from cracking etc. I get my prints done on Saturday, Dec 1...yep, Saturday...didn't think they'd be open on a weekend, but like I said, I will be obedient!

PS - Happy Birthday to my favorite 3 year old!


Erica said...

So you already started on your home study update? Does your new 171H take affect immediately or does it go into affect when your current one expires? I'm having trouble getting answers. My MD appointment isn't until the very end of the year so I am feeling a bit nervous.

Susan said...

Thank you Miss Angie. E'beth enjoyed seeing her birthday greeting. She thought she and Max looked like twins w/ the pumpkin costumes! LOL!