Friday, December 7, 2007

eight things

My friend Erica tagged me earlier this week. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond...I know you were all waiting for my answers! ;)

1. My Christmas tree tradition...either the day before Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving night, I put in "It's A Wonderful Life" and put up the tree. Sometimes it takes 2 runs of the movie, but seeing as how I could watch it over and over, it's all good!

2. I start listening to Christmas music by October usually...sometimes earlier. I love Christmas music!

3. My favorite Christmas CD this year is Sarah Maclachlan's Wintersong. Last night I was in Wal mart and I heard this angelic singing. I had a slight idea that it was her voice so I found one of her Christmas CD's and stood and listened long enough to make sure it was the right play list. It's so mellow...kind of like I have been feeling. It fits my mood. You NEED this CD - go buy it right now!

4. My other favorite hoiday movie (that I watch all year) is "Meet Me in St. Louis." If you've never seen it, rent it this won't be dissapointed! I can quote it! :)

5. I love the way the spiced cider and cinnamon stick wall flowers from Bath and body smell - especially at Christmas. Usually I have them in my classroom, but I found out that they give my Educational Assistant really bad headaches. Why didn't she tell me this last year???

6. I have a bad habit of over sleeping and then having to put my make up on in the car. I am getting pretty good though!

7. I love Diet Coke - especially fountain ones - McDonald's Diet Cokes are my favorite! A mcDonald's Diet Coke can brighten a bad day!

8. I wish I could hold my baby right now.

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Erica said...

I especially agree with your #7 and 8!