Saturday, December 1, 2007

Curvy roads, fingerprints, and baby shopping

It has been a busy day! Mom and I had planned to leave about 8:00 this morning. By the time I got gas, picked her up, and we stopped for a drive thru breakfast, it was closer to 9:00, but still in the 8:00 hour so I guess we did ok! The ride over the mountain was absolutely beautiful! (Although I couldn't do much looking because of the curves!) We made it to Charlotte and decided to eat a bite before we went to the fingerprint place. We were not in the best part of town let's just say that! I was craving PF Changs and I thought it would be appropriate to eat Chinese today! :) But we were in the wrong part of town for that. We settled for Bojangle's due to the time issue. Fingerprints went off without a hitch...hopefully they will pass! The tech didn't say a word to me good or bad about my fingers...or anything else for that matter. I couldn't help but get a silly grin on my face as I step closer!

Onto the best part! We went to USA Baby to look for a glider. Mom found these precious shoes for Emma.

I also found this comb/brush set and some cute stacking cups...these will come in handy!

We sat in every chair...looked at every crib...dreamed about what the nursery will look like...what it will feel like to rock Emma in the chair...what it will be like to see her in her was great. Here is a picture of the chair I picked's like sitting on a cloud! I will also get the ottoman to match. I will probably get a soft green or yellow twill. There was also a short, almost chenille fabric that I loved, but I think the twill will wear better. Do you like the chair?

Then it was time to head home. We decided to come home a different way...more interstate, less curves. I didn't want to take those back mountain roads in the dark. We ate dinner at Don Pablos...we don't have those around here. When we left there, I am not sure what happened or where we were...there were times Mom and I had no idea where we were or if we were on the right track...but then it was as if God moved the signs or us to put us on the right road. We finally made it to "familiar territory" and finished the trip home! It was a great day, but I am certainly glad to be home and I am ready for bed!


Crystal Roberson said...

Love love love the chair! :)

Kristen said...

Love the chair - looks VERY comfy! Kristen

Erica said...

You've been tagged! check out my blog for the directions.


PS--love the chair! And I think the color you chose will look very nice.