Friday, December 14, 2007

Just a hole in the mud

Yep, my house is still just a hole in the mud. At first I said the builder was "slower than Christmas" but now I have started saying "slower than a China adoption!" The first set was originally supposed to be completed in January...LAST January. Then, the new date was the end of October. Now we are almost through with December and they are STILL NOT DONE! I have given up on moving in the spring and now wonder if I will even move by Christmas next year. It's a toss up...what will come first, the completed Condo or Emma????

Lately I have felt a little like crawling in a hole in the mud. A combination of things really...not all adoption related, but I guess it is a little...I miss my baby. So what do I do?? Shop. I really haven't bought much for Emma - only a few outfits which is not bad considering I've been in this for over 2 years! I only buy things that I can't live without. This was one of those things. I saw it on another baby who is being adopted from Kazhakstan. If I get permission, I will put her picture here. I coveted the outfit she was wearing and long story short, I found it for my Emma. I was so excited when I came home today and the package was here!

If you click on the picture, you can get a larger view.

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Susan said...

humm, do they have much of your down payment they are sitting on all this time? Do you have a 'finish' date in your paperwork somewhere, or at least a range of time expected?