Wednesday, January 30, 2008

out of the mouths of babes...

Tonight at church we were talking about the Bible being our a cookbook helps you cook, the Bible helps you know how to live. As we finished the lesson, I was asking some questions. I said, "What kinds of good news can we find in the Bible." The kids were silent. The other teacher in the room whispered an idea into the ear of 4 year old Kinsey. Kinsey's face lit up and she shouted, "Jerry's Alive!" I started laughing so hard! And Kinsey just looked at me...Mrs. Rhonda had said, "He's Alive!" Maybe Jerry was one of Jesus' nicknames!

That reminded me of my sweet Maisey. When she was about 2, we were convinced that she knew God's first name. She would bow her head so reverently and say, "Dear Don,..." Priceless memories!

Maisey after asking "Dear Don" to bless her oreo!

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