Saturday, January 12, 2008

Update on the new tree

Remember my "new tree?" I wanted to update you about how I was doing with my new year resolutions.

1. I am on track with reading the Bible through the year. It's been tough some eyes get droopy, but it's a blessing!

2. I am working on being more deliberate in my prayer life. Still a work in progres there...

3. My organization plan has not gone according to plan...I bought some things to use in the process...but they are still just sitting there...waiting...maybe today?

4. I have lost 2.5 pounds this week! Yee-ha! 67.5 to go! I walked one least that's better than nothing!

6. I am still spending a little more on junk at Wal-mart than I should, but the good news is that I only bought 2 McDonald's Diet Cokes this week. Sad that that's an improvement!

All in all I think I am doing pretty well on these resolutions! 2 weeks down, 50 to go! How are you doing on YOUR "new trees?"


Erica said...

Thanks for being so encouraging, Angie. I have really appreciate it. The wait and some other issues just hit me really hard this week. Thank goodness for you--someone that understands the struggles and worries.

About the tree...not so good. I am doing better on drinking more water for the most part, but I think I had only 1 glass of water all day Friday. Yikes! Bible readin was kind of put off last week at a time it really should have been a priority. Oh well, at this point it is still early in the year.

Congrats on losing weight! Whoo hoo! I'm afraid to step on the scales:(

Kim said...

Good for you! I wish I could loose 2.5 pounds this week. I lost over 20 on the trip to China and have managed to gain it all back. Want to be diet buddies? I'd like to loose 70 pounds too!