Saturday, January 19, 2008


We had our women's retreat this weekend. I was very reluctant. It's been a rough week and all I wanted to do was stay home. My friend Alyson talked me not only into going, but into leading music. I decided to go mainly because my friend and (I have to throw this in, because some day she will be famous) former Milligan "sweet-mate" was our speaker. I have heard her before and knew what a fabulous speaker she was, but I had no idea that she was going to be talking directly to my heart. I needed every word she spoke. Needless to say, I cried all weekend.

To make the weekend even better, some other friends - one of whom I also went to Milligan with -showed up to share part of the time with us. Now, the music I had planned was fine. Good songs. But we were blessed even more to be led in worship by them. Now you may think that's no big deal, but it's HUGE cause they are famous! They are
Alathea! Or as I like to call them, Mandee and Cristi!

This is the cover of their newest CD - " My Roots Grow Deeper"

I love to hear them sing (you can hear them too at the link!) and the songs truly touched my if especially picked to bless my soul. I wanted to share one song - though it's not on a CD - so go to a concert and beg them to sing it. Anyway, the chorus says, "You search me. You know me. You love me." I was so moved by that. It's not the words as much as it's the order. He searches first, then knows, and in spite of that he LOVES me...Why? How could he? But he does...more than I can fathom! I can't hide anything from God - no thought, no pain, no action. He has searched me and He KNOWS everything about me. Even all the yucky stuff that I try to hide from the world. And here's the kicker...He loves me. In spite of all that - all that yuck in my heart, all the pain that makes my soul ache, all the times and ways I run from His love. He loves me anyway with a love beyond my imagining. A love that I can't run away from - and neither can you. He pursues me and He is pursuing you too! I pray that the this thought will encourage you as much as it did me!

If you hear of Ronda or Alathea being ANYWHERE close to you - go! They have a calendar of events on their site! Your heart will be blessed. Go to their website and buy some CD's - they have to buy groceries, too! :)

Another HUGE blessing - we talked about them doing a benefit concert to help raise money for my adoption. What a fabulous, fun idea! Be watching the blog for details...maybe this fall? It's good to know nice, famous people!

Way past bedtime....I lost some sleep this weekend playing the card game Nerts - it's addicitive and eating Little Debbie cakes....also addictive.

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Erica said...

What an absolutely incredible weekend! I'm so glad you went and were enriched by what you heard. Life isn't easy, especially when you are single and in the process of adopting a child that is taking her sweet time in arriving!