Saturday, February 16, 2008

From my "Sweetie Heart"

When I was a little girl, my Dad and I went on "dates." Usually our dates were just to the kitchen, but they were special. I'd say, "Let's be sweetie hearts and you come pick me up." So I'd run to my room and shut the door. Dad would have to knock on it and then we'd "go" on our date. Those were magical days. I am still my Dad's "Sweetie Heart!" He sent me these sweet flowers...daisies are my favorite...on Valentine's day! I think I will keep him!

The funny thing is that Valentine's day is HIS birthday, but he spends the day making me and my Momma feel special! (She got the most fragrant, beautiful roses ever!) We had a fun time celebrating his special day!

Happy Birthday to my Sweetie Heart!

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Brittany said...

Our Dad's are the same age, mine will be 62 on May 1st!