Saturday, February 9, 2008

Gung hay fat choy!

For those who may not know, Thursday was Chinese New year! "Gung hay fat choy" is a common phrase to say meaning, "wishing you prosperity."

Tonight, Our China Angels which is the adoption support group in our area, celebrated in a BIG way! We had a fabulous dinner catered by my personal favorite chinese restaurant! It was so fun to see all the children dressed in traditional Chinese clothing. We had a dragon parade, an auction of Chinese art and swords and such, and so much more. I bid on a beautiful "China Berry" painting, but had to bow out when the price got too high!

Sweet Natalie loving her noodles! Check out that noodle action!
I think John was the ONLY one without noodles! But the oranges were good, weren't they?
Another noodle lover! Elizabeth doesn't want to lose this one!
Sweet Elizabeth after the Dragon parade. Each child- even Emma - got one of these precious bears!
Anna and Claire with their bears.
John and his buddy Joseph after the parade...bears and dragons in hand!

The best part was our Love tree. Each year, families are given a red envelope in which they can place a donation that will go to Look. Look is a service that helps older orphans who have not and probably will not be adopted. Tonight, the children brought their red envelopes and hung them on our "love tree." We collected about $2,000! That's not all...Pepsi is going to "double match" what we we are going to be able to send about $6,000 to help those children left behind. Wow! I have always been a C0ke person, but join me in drinking a few Peps1's to thank them for this generous donation!

I bought these cutie patootie hairbows from a new Momma in our group! I can't wait to put them in Emma's hair. Be watching for her coming

So, Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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Susan said...

And a BIG thank you to Miss Angie the 'M C' of the LOVE/ LOOK tree and chief financial officer! What a kind and gentle spirit you have Miss Angie. You also took better photographs of J + E than I took so I'll have to get a copy!! :) What a night! And hopefully by Next CNY you will have a much clearer picture of when our Emma Bug will be arriving.

P.S. I got some of the lady bug hair clips also and they are indeed wonderful!!