Friday, February 22, 2008

A multi-cultural girls night out

last night was an experience to say the least. Susan and I went for a girl's night out. I had never had Thai food and we decided that would be a fun experience. We went to a cool little spot and got our table. She knew I liked noodles and suggested a dish called Pud Thai. As I read the description I was a little nervous, but I figured noodles are noodles...and I do love noodles. Well, when it came I got more than a little nervous...there was a big ol pile of bean sprouts. I mixed it up and tried it. The first bite...well I didn't like it. I tried a few more and when Susan said, "So what do you think?" I had to be honest. I said, "well...I don't think I'll order this again!" We laughed and she suggested I try something else. I said I would be fine...I was thinking about a hamburger for the ride home when she got this wild look in her eye and said, "Want to do something crazy? Let's ask for a box and we can go to the Indian restaurant." She has also been wanting to introduce me to Indian cuisine. So we did...crazy I know.

We walked in to the Indian place and she started ordering stuff that I cna't even begin to spell. I was pretty proud of some of the stuff I onion chutney. She suggested a pretty "plain" chicken dish called Tandoori Chicken. We also ordered "simosas" - she said it was like an Indian egroll...only in a pyramid shape. It was pretty good...much better than the pud thai. Then the excitement began. Out comes this little guy with a smile so big and holding my plate of food. He stood several feet from the table and then he set my dish on fire...not a little fire- a huge fire. Keep in mind that I am afraid of fire! It looked a little like a scene from Aladdin! I was nervous to try it, but was surprised...much better than Pud Thai! We had 'pashwati naan' - that was my favorite. It was bread with a fruity sweet taste. We put mango chutney on that, then the rice and chicken. Not bad.

I was a little afraid that the countries would fight in my belly all night, but all was well! It may be a while before I brave any new foods, but it was a great night! Thanks Susan!

I'm going to be away for a bit. I decided to visit my best friend for a few days to end my medical leave from school. I am pretty excited! I will be sure to post pics when I return!


Susan said...

What FUN~! only problem was it wasn't long enough! We must do this again. Greek next? ;)

Susan said...

and if you don't care for Greek, we'll hit 'southern' lol.

Roberson said...

Thank you so much for coming tonight! It meant a lot! Have a great trip, and call me when you get back!
Love you!

Danielle said...

Hi. I redid your header. You can actually see the new one on my site. If you'd like me to set it up please email me.


Shelley said...

Okay, I can't believe that you really didn't like the Pad Thai!! That is probably my favorite food of all time!!! We just found a restaurant here in town that makes it and I am in HEAVEN!!!!
Oh well...your loss. :-)

love ya