Saturday, March 1, 2008

I'm Back...

well, I had a great visit with my best friend Kristi and her family! I am glad to be home with my sweet Max though! Here are some pics from the visit!

Time to pull a tooth...Maisey was so scared. The tooth was BARELY hanging on!
Kristi giving the "Pep Talk"...Marley, trying to comfort her sister...Chris, thinking there's too many women in his house!
Even more scared now...we abandoned trying to pull it and she went to bed.
The tooth came out in the middle of the night. She carried it in to her Momma and Daddy about 3 in the morning! I am just glad she didn't swallow it...I don't know what the tooth fairy does about things like that! A few years ago, one of my students swallowed her tooth and was so upset. Another child, trying to comfort her, said, "Don't worry...maybe you'll poop out 50 cents!" Somehow that wasn't much comfort...I think she was expecting more!

This $5 was from me...Aunt cover all the teeth she's lost so far!

I got to eat lunch at school with Maisey - she was pretty happy anout that...and so was I!
Hey Momma! Watch me pull a coffee bean out of your ear!

Skating...sort of!

Washing dishes for Momma...I sure hope Emma takes after her "cousins!"

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christy said...

Glad to hear your trip went well!! Welcome back.