Saturday, February 16, 2008

Update on Erin...

(10:45) Her organs are starting to shut down...doctors told Kimberly (her mom) that they don't know if she will make it...continue to pray!
(3:14) I just got back from the hospital to see Kimberly and check on Erin. Kimberly and Chris agreed to sign a "do not recucitate" form. Doctors explained that because her body is just so small that they would probably do more harm than good, but the doctors did say, "We aren't keep praying and believing!" Her body does not have and is not making any white blood cells to fight the infection. Just continue to pray...I was thinking this morning about all the times in the Bible where people were near death or even dead and they were healed. God is so much bigger and I know that He is weeping with her family and that he has a plan in mind...and if it is to heal her...He wants it known that the healing was from him - a miracle! And if Erin recieves that fantastic ultimate healing and goes on to be with him...our prayers for healing are still answered! God is good

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