Saturday, March 29, 2008

Slower than an adoption from China!

Here's my finished garage...maybe I'll move by Christmas!

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Susan said...

Ok, thats it. No more nice spray painting. We need to kick this up a notch and spray paint something like... who is this builder that is taking so long??? I'll paint that part, then you come along w/ another color and paint his name. He will want to hurry and cover it up.

We have noticed that construction workers schedule goes something like this..

Monday- No show as they are hung over from the weekend.

Tues. They arrive a bit late as they are still dragging, but manage to get 3/4 of a day in.

Wed.- They need to leave at noon for the mid week hump party that night

Thurs- don't arrive until afternoon again,, 3 guesses why.

Friday- Forget it. They have already started celebrating the weekend arrival.