Saturday, April 12, 2008


Today I finally picked out light fixtures for my condo. My problem with most of them is that they look like boobs. I am sorry to say that, but it's true - and it makes me crazy!

This is the fan for the living room. See - the light looks like a boob, but still I liked the fan.

For my room, I did not want to stare at a boob so I got this... Now I imagine you thinking of your household lights in a whole new...light - pardon the pun!


Susan said...

I agree! Why do they make things that look like boobs (and other unmentionables)? There is an old Paris saying .. you are the perfect woman if your boobs will fit into a wine goblet. Well, wine goblets come in many shapes (as do boobs). Wonder which one they were referring to? Dave to this day can't look at wine goblets without thinking of that!

Erica said...

I totally agree! When I bought my house a friend came over and every bedroom I walked into he got this funny look on his face. I finally asked why he looked like a sourpus and he said "you have a golden boob in each room--I find it distracting." Argh. I swapped one out of my living room, but I still have the golden/brass ones in my 3 bedrooms. Oh well. A day at a time.

At least you had the option of going the boobless route!