Thursday, April 24, 2008

I made it!

I finally made it to the review room! Those of you in the adoption world are going YEEHA! and holding your breath. The rest of you probably have no clue...let me fill you in. I don't know much, but I do know that this feels like a big step - HUGE progress. What this means is that the big kahunas in China will be going through my dossier (paperwork) with a fine tooth comb. It's at this point that they will approve me for adoption, ask for more information, or deny me for adoption. My prayer is that I will just be approved. Getting questioned is not a huge deal, but as slow as everything has gotten, that could mean an extra several months of wait time. Most times, a month of reviews takes about 1-2 months. Pray extra hard during this time as they go over my paperwork - that everything will be there and be to their liking...and that I would "pass" with flying colors!

nail update - had to go get them filed down today! THey were driving me crazy! I may never do it again, but I can mark it off of the "Things to do while I wait for Emma" list!


Brittany said...

Congratulations!! This is a BIG DEAL!

The Roach Family said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so happy for you.

Shelley said...

WHOOOO HOOOOO Miss Angie!!!!! So glad you are "under the microscope!" This is indeed a HUGE step in the process!!
Love to you today~

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