Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sleepover night!

Last night, I was lonesome for my sweet friend, Elizabeth. I emailed Susan and asked if Elizabeth could come for a sleepover. It's sad when you beg to keep another person's child! So I picked up Elizabeth this afternoon and we have had such a fun time. There was one store I needed to go to after I picked her up so we went in and when we got back to the car Elizabeth wanted a drink. She said, "All that shopping made me so thirsty!" We ate supper at Cracker Barrell with my parents and then came home for popcorn and pedicures. I am not sure what happened - I only set the time for 3 minutes, but it was billowing smoke when I got back to the kitchen. So, scratch the popcorn. Thankfully, the pedicures went much smoother!

A happy girl ready for bed...even without popcorn!


Shannon B. said...

They are probably glad to have you take her and give them a break!! You can borrow Hannah anytime ;-)

Susan said...

Miss Angie is an angel! :) Elizabeth felt SO special to get a private sleepover w/ Miss Angie ALL BY HERSELF!!! Oh boy oh boy painted toenails! She looks like she is having quite a blast. Thank you Miss Angie.