Sunday, April 20, 2008

You can count on Max!

This afternoon, Elizabeth and I decided to make rice crispy treats for my Dad. She helped pour the cereal and stir...she is a natural in the kitchen. So is Max apparently. I left the chair a little too close to the there's a bit missing...wonder if Dad will notice??

The evidence is all over his face! At least he approves of our cooking!


Susan said...

WHAT FUN!!! Did Papa get marshmallows all over his diaper? lol! This has been such a great thing for E'beth as she has someone totally devoted to HER! It isn't often that she is the 'queen' and doesn't have to share w/ her brother the king'! Thank you!! She looks like she had the BEST time!

Brittany said...

Elizabeth is one of the prettiest girls I know. Pretty soon though, Angie, you're going to have to share this princess with ME! Ha!