Sunday, May 11, 2008


Happy Mother's day! While I feel like a Mom in my heart, my arms are empty. Today is a bittersweet day. Yesterday, my friend Kristen - who is also adopting from China - sent me a Mother's day card. Today, I had a message from my friend Juli wishing me a "Happy Mommy's Day." Girls, thank you for your sweetness. You helped make a bittersweet day a lot more SWEET!! Last Mother's Day, I walked in to church, sat down and was handed a beautiful baby blanket from my friend, Becky. I will never forget those who remember how hard Mother's day can be for those who long to hold a baby of their own in their arms! Soon, maybe my next Mother's Day, my arms will be full! I can't wait for that day!

Yesterday, I ordered the chair/ottoman for my nursery as my Mother's Day gift to myself. What a way to make it real! I ordered this chair - it's a swivel/glider.

in the green twill fabric.
For those of you from East Tennessee, Nunley's in Elizabethton is a great furniture store for good prices! They saved me over $200 on this set!! She's going to see if she can order my crib as well which could save me a lot of time (not having to drive to Knoxville) and money! And they DELIVER/SET UP FOR FREE!!!!! Go give them some business!

Can't wait to sit in her chair and dream of rocking my baby to sleep! And then soon I will have her in my arms and Mother's Day will become a SWEET holiday!


Susan said...

Hello Ang!
My prayer for you is that this will be your LAST Mother's Day not knowing who Emma is. If it's not your last, it's certainly one of the last! A little shopping is a great way to make the day go a bit better!

Kim said...

You might want to wait on a crib and save some major moola. I am buying Natalie's double bed hopefully this week and she is only 15 months. She keeps hitting her head on the rails but she'll climb the bumper if its in there too. So I am putting her mattress on the floor for now to see if she won't sleep through the night :)

Erica said...

Amen! Enjoy your Mother's Day anyway you can.