Sunday, May 18, 2008

Momma said there'd be days like this

I have been babysitting sweet Elizabeth this weekend and it's been so much fun...for the most part. This morning, we woke up happy and ready for the day. We went to watch some of my kids from school play t-ball...very entertaining! Elizabeth spent the time playing with her new friend, Maddie, who is in my class. Here are a few cute pics...

Take note of the perfect forehead and nose...a hint of what's to come...

Yep...a tumble down the front concrete steps added an extra dose of joy to the day. I think the steps won!
So, we had a cupcake to help ease the pain...and boy did it work!
We ended up having a blast at Our China Angels picnic! Thanks to Dr. Kenton, and nurses Bonnie and Paula...and lots of other doting mommas - who helped me watch her and make sure we didn't need a trip to the ER! We did have to buy princess bandaids tonight though! Amazing things, those bandaids! They must be magic!

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