Monday, July 14, 2008

Bath day

Today was bath day for Max. I have never known a dog who loves baths as much as Max! He was looking pretty scraggly before, but now, he's looking pretty handsome!


"Who are you calling scraggly???"

"Chicks think I'm hot!"

...and after


Doreen said...

My, he looks good!!!!!! I think my Sheltie, Kelly has a crush on him!!!!

Doreen in Montreal

Alana said...

Wow, that is an amazing transformation. Can you do that for me?

Alana said...

Yeah, I didnt' mean give me a bath, I just meant...make me look that much better ;-)

Shelley said...

Um...Hi Max...this is Bailey. I just had to say that Mom let me see your picture are one fine pooch!! I wish I could come visit you again.
I have been working on my tan lately...Mom and Dad let me go swimming in the pool with them and the two freaks. I LOVE IT!!! Aly can do flips off the deep end of the pool now...she's crazy! The little Pip-squeak is swimming and she chases me all around the shallow end doing the "dog paddle"...she's NUTS!! Why do they call it Dog paddle anyway...I don't swim like that!!
You guys should come visit us in Florida!!
Your friend...(Bailey the Jack Russell)

katy said...

Lookin' good, Max! :-)

Angie, I finally got the quilt piece for Emma in the mail to you, it should arrive Monday or Tuesday. Sorry it took so long! I've been swamped. Hope your summer has been going well!!