Monday, July 7, 2008

Paperwork's criminal!

Some people say adoption is the easy way to have a child...I beg to differ!

Granted I will not have stretch marks on my belly, but I have wrinkles on my forehead from trying to get all the paperwork in, correct, and on time.

I even have false labor when there's a child who is a possible match with me...then it doesn't work out. yeah...I have had false labor twice so far.

I have "baby brain" - you know where it seems that the baby has taken over your brain cells. I have moments when I can't remember what I just did.

Today has created more wrinkles and gray hair. See, my paperwork has to be updated every so often. Some things expire after 12 months, some after 18. I sent off for this extension and recently received a paper asking for more information even though it appeared that the information was all there. After calls to 2 Senators, numerous calls to my social worker, calls to my adoption agency and lots of tears later, I am glad to tell you the problem is on it's way to being solved. So what was the problem? My social worker used the words "criminal background" instead of "criminal history." Because of that, I am having to pay for papers to be fedex'd to my social workers office, fedex'd back to me, and then overnighted to my dear friends at immigration. Criminal isn't it? Pun definitely intended!


Kristen said...

That's just crazy! After my cousin had her baby, she said they were going to adopt the next one. If she only knew!!! Glad everything is getting cleared up!

Special K said...

What a horrible thing to happen. As if this weren't hard enough. Sorry your social worker doesn't know history from background.

Susan said...

Why am I not shocked at this? Nothing surprises me any more if the word "Memphis" has anything to do w/ it.

SO! a new look!! I like it! Who did the blog re-design for you?