Sunday, August 31, 2008


Dad, Lara (sil), Mom, Tom (brother), me
Tom, Lara, me, cousin Amy, cousin-in-law Tara, cousin Greg

It's been a fantastic weekend! My brother and sister-in-law are in from Nebraska for a visit. It's been nearly 3 years since the last time I saw them - way too long! My brother is in the Air Force and travels a lot for his job which makes visits a little more difficult to plan!

We decided since they were coming in, that we needed to get some pictures of the whole family (or as many as we could get together!)...that's going to be our Christmas present for my Granny who needs nothing, but would like nothing more than lots of pictures of the people she loves! I wanted to share a few that I took here...I may have to share more once I get the ones from the photographer. We all dressed in khaki and white and met at the dam where we often have family cookouts. We became known by others at the dam as the "khaki family!" It was HOT...I thought I was going to melt! But we had so much fun just being all together! There are 3 grandkids not in the pictures; they were in last week and had their pictures taken in khaki and white at the same place so we will make the best of it all!

Tomorrow, Mom, Lara, and I are going shopping! The boys are playing golf! Sounds pretty perfect to me!


Brittany said...

Love these pictures Angie! Your grandmother will LOVE them too!

Alana said...

Great pictures! I want to be in your family, it looks like you guys have FUN!