Saturday, September 13, 2008


I may have posted about this before, but it is somewhat anew this week. Max thinks it his job to prepare me for motherhood. This week he has had a thing with throwing up. Gross. Each time, I pull out the rug cleaner which in turn makes him sneeze and sniff and make a fuss. Thankfully, he has had this "bout" before we are in our new home. I am sure he will find other opportunities there. I feel so sorry for him...he doesn't seem to be sick so I am not sure what's up.

He also tends to wake me in the middle of the night...sometimes to go outside, sometimes to just fuss, and other times just to make sure I am still there. All it takes is a snuggle or two and then he will scooch back down and sleep peacefully once again.

Today, I was picking up around the house. I picked up no less than 5 toys and bits of bone from around the house today and put them in his "toy box." He quickly found them and pulled them right back out again. I have a feeling he will teach Emma this same trick!

The whole time I was picking up, where was he? Under foot the WHOLE time! I couldn't get anything done for tripping over him. I will be in trouble when I have a dog and a baby to trip over as I clean!

When he was a puppy, he developed epilepsy. He would have seizures nearly every night which worried me to no end. I would cry and call my mom - even in the middle of the night - begging for advice. He is now on medication - which is a hoot! Ever given your pet pill and liquid medicine twice a day?? yes...he is preparing me all right!

I love my dog. Sometimes I can't believe I love a dog this much. I can't imagine how much I will love Emma...can't wait to find out!
I love my dog

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JenniferLayne said...

We just saw Shaun Groves last weekend, and one of the things he said was "Love makes sacrifice seem natural". I've been thinking about that all week. In other words, "love makes cleaning up puke feel not so horrible". :)