Monday, September 15, 2008

Wish I didn't have to do this...

Tile in the kitchen ready for sink/dishwasher...electric ready for stove
Not at all sure why this sock was stuch in the window, although I am certain it's there for a very good reason! :)
Electical outlets and light switches are least part of them!

I really did not want to have to post another condo update...I just wanted to post that I was moving in, but no such luck. Sunday I went with my friend Sydney, whose dad is a contractor, and walked through the condo. Bear in mind I was supposed to close on the 12th at the latest. I was glad to see tile on the floor...but no cabinets. I was glad to see electric and light switches...but no toilets. I was glad to see...WHAT'S THAT??? yes, someone drew a picture of a woman with incredibly saggy boobs on the door frame of my bedroom. (sorry, no pics...this is a G rated sight!) I was not so glad to see that. Granted it was very poorly drawn and will be covered up with trim, but still...people, get some paper! I should have written a bible verse below it..."I was naked so I hid" or something like that...remind them to HIDE their pictures!

Sydney said she predicts November at the earliest. Then, here comes the contractor. I asked him his estimate..."10 days and you'll be in!" Of course, he said that 2 weeks ago, too! I am frustrated...I feel like I have been living in limbo for two years...and especially the last couple of months as I have already begun to pack a few things. I will keep you posted though!


Susan said...

What is there is looking good. I vote for the Bible verse under the self portrait of one of the workers wife? lol. I think the guy got caught and tried to escape through a window. Sadly, his sock got caught as he was chased with the shotgun after vandalizing your bedroom door.

Any other guesses out there as to how the sock got there?

Anonymous said...

Hey Angie! I can't wait to get on your blog and see that you are moving in (or have moved in) to your new place!! I'm sure it has seemed like forever, but the light is at the end of the tunnel, hopefully. Also, I was cracking up at your post on Max. I agree with you 100% that having a dog is definitely preparation for being a mommy! Our little Toby does a great job of that too!
I hope you are doing well and still loving 2nd grade!
Natalie Lee

Shelley said...

Whooooo's almost moving time! I wish we lived closer..I would be there to help. Lord knows you have always been there to help us!!!
Can't wait to see it all finished...won't be long now. (Even if it is will still be in before Christmas!!!)
love ya

Rochelle said...

They must be doing it right since it is taking so long. Just be glad your not tring to sell a place as well.