Sunday, October 5, 2008

Apple Butter Day

What a weekend! My friend Sydney's family has a gathering each fall to make apple butter. Each family has their own kettle. Friday night we had a cookout and just sat around a campfire enjoying being together. We filled each kettle with applesauce and covered it...hoping that the local bear wouldn't smell it! It was off to bed early...since the next day would be a long one.
This picture was our view...pretty awesome, huh?

The men got up at 5:00 in the morning to light the fires and begin stirring the applesauce. Obviously by the light in this photo, I was NOT up at 5 am!
Matt did a lot if the stirring...he's a good man!
Syd and I made cameo appearances at the kettle...neither of us stirred for very long. If you talk to Syd though, she will say that she'd been stirring since 5!
We did however help with the canning. Each of us had a job in the assembly line...I was the lid put-er on-er...and that is the technical term! Let me tell the time I got hold of them, the jars were pretty warm...I quickly developed blisters on my thumbs...and even the tips of my fingers are tender...

Sydney's job was to make sure the jars were clean and ready for lids.
Two sweet girls - Kameron and Emma - who made the day even more fun!
Wyatt, Leah, and Samuel spent the day trying to dig up the tree. We joked that they were digging a tunnel to China for me! :)
Syd and Kameron...
This picture is our favorite! Sydney and Matthew

Another good one of the couple! Syd thinks she looks like she should be skiing in this one!

Haven't eaten any of our apple butter yet...maybe in the morning! It was a sweet time!


Susan said...

ummmmm. I can taste it on homemade bread already! :)

Shannon B. said...

Oh my!!! How many jars did you guys fill? Do they sell it or they just share it with all their friends and family?
Looks like it was a fun fall day. Are the leaves changing yet?

Mom Of Many said...

Just yesterday I was talking to my kids about making apple butter. I've never done it (canned zillions of other things) but don't know much about it. Here I am up in then night getting ready for a test at the hospital in the morning, stumbled upon your site and saw the apple butter making day....It looks like so much fun to do it together! Now I'm going to google a recipe!