Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holiday Fun

I LOVE my family's Christmas tradition! We don't buy gifts - we get together and play games. Usually there are prizes to be won - anything from sticky notes to gift cards. We play Bingo and other crazy games that my mom comes up with. This year was especially...ummm...entertaining! We have the best time laughing and playing together! Here are two pics of the fun. Most of the time, we were too busy to take pictures!
We had to break up into teams. We had a relay in which each person was to put on oven mitts, open a hershey kiss - hands only!- and eat it before returning to the next person. It was yummy fun! this is my Aunt Becky and my sweet cousin Amy.
The best game however was this one! In our same teams, we had a bag of tissue paper, red and black construction paper, tape, and quilt batting. My team had to turn me into "Santa!" The other Santa is my very own Dad! (my team won! Go team!) Talk about laughing hysterically! What fun memories!

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Karisse and Callie said...

what a fantastic idea...we've given up the whole gift giving thing for the "adults" in our families. I LOVE replacing that "time" of the holidays with gaming...I might suggest that to my fam for next year. (You make a GREAT Santa!)

Thanks for hanging with us tonite. It was good fun. (And your new place is super we'd expect anything else?!) ;o)