Thursday, January 1, 2009

A special gift

My Granny B. is my only surviving grandparent. She is living with my Mom and Dad and is healthy as a horse - except for arthritis that has made her almost bedridden. I have such incredible memories of time spent with all my grandparents, but especially my Granny B. We used to stay with her all day while our parents worked. Granny had her own "day care!" She'd hang up quilts around the porch to make a cool haven for us in the summer time. She would pass hot dogs through the screen door so we could pretend we were at McD0nald's. I think it was really just a ploy to keep us from tracking in and out! In the winter, she would make us "snow cream." Ever had that? Oh my! It's so yummy! When you have lots of fresh snow, mix it with milk and sugar...and add blue food coloring. I think Granny used to add an egg, but we don't do that anymore. Granny always made ours blue...I know it could have been any color, but even still, I want mine to be blue! In the winter, we would play in the snow with layers of clothes and bread bags on our feet. We'd come into the basement strip down to a dry layer and warm up by the wood stove. We had to be good and dry before we ever dreamed of heading upstairs. We rarely watched TV...we spent our days dreaming up stories. I was W0nder W0man and my brother was usually R0bin. The other kids that stayed at Granny's would be some other character. Ahh...those were the days...
Anyway, back to the gift. We decided that what Granny would really enjoy would be pictures of her dear family - together. We are a bit spread out now. My brother and sister in law live in Nebraska...two of my cousins live in we got together this summer and had fmaily pictures taken. We put these in an album and picked some of the best ones to frame. Now she can see us anytime! She loves looking through the pictures - I think this was a favorite gift!

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