Thursday, January 1, 2009

A little visitor

Tonight, I went to dinner with some dear friends. After dinner, they came over to see my new place. Max was just a little bit curious...and maybe a bit jealous...that his momma was holding this most precious visitor. Callie and Max bonded for sure. He was so sweet and gentle with her...and she was pretty taken with his fur!


Susan said...

Hey Angie! We ended up taking Josh (the cousin :) back to meet my sister today and didn't get in until very late. Sorry I missed you. Looks like you could have used the exersaucer on this particular night w/ the little visitor! I can bring it to CNY if I don't see you before. Sound ok?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Max will be a great "big brother" to Emma! :-)
Hope you are doing well and had a wonderful Christmas!!
Take care!