Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In (My) Big Comfy Chair

One of the things I knew I wanted in my nursery was a big comfy chair and ottoman. It sits in Emma's room just waiting for me to rock her to sleep. I don't sit in there often...instead I usually sit in the living room, but on Sunday I decided that sitting in Emma's room would be a great change of pace for my prayer time - especially since I was devoting much of my prayer time to praying about the whole adoption process. I had initially intended to go to the park and find a big tree to sit under, but it was a rainy dreary day, so I sat inside snuggled up with a quilt!

My prayer time was good - so very needed! I felt as if I was able to get some sense of confirmation from the Lord that this whole adoption process is still on track. I didn't hear God audibly say this, but there were two provinces that continually came to mind - Hunan and Henan. I wonder if she will be born in one of those? I also kept thinking 3 years. I wonder if that means 3 additional years or in the 3rd year? My third year since my log in date will begin in January.

And the confirmation continued after the time was over. I had picked up my little friend, Elizabeth, for a sleepover. We met my friend Sydney for supper. Elizabeth has never asked about my (lack of a) husband...instead she often asks why I don't live with my mom and dad! But on Sunday, she said,

"Miss Angie, why aren't you married."
To which I replied, "I am just waiting on God to send me the right man."
She then said, very matter of factly, "God will send him to you."

Syd and I just looked at each other and chuckled...confirmation from the Lord in the form of a 4 year old!

Thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers about my prayer time...it was a good thing!


Susan said...

we will now be adding the request for God to send Miss Angie a husband to our nightly prayer routine :)
Wish you were here!

Teresa said...

Angie- I love your heart which is so tender in these posts. Thank you for sharing your journey with me. I will be praying for you and this process. Many hugs to you... and waiting patiently to celebrate bringing Emma home!