Monday, July 13, 2009

Maybe I oughta read Leviticus...

My house is three levels. The lowest level is a double garage. Half of it was finished and ultimately will be a den, but for's just boxes. I had finished up in the garage and was ready to organize the closet in the den. I began to pull out boxes and that's when I found it. MOLD. At first I didn't think much of it...It's just a little spot, but the more I moved, the more mold I found. Mold covers the bottom half of that closet wall. I was totally grossed out.

So, the closet sits empty...waiting to be gutted and de-molded. All the boxes intended for this closet sit in my "den" So really, it looks as if I have made NO PROGRESS...but I know that eventually, those boxes will go back in the closet and the room will transform into a real den! I think I have found the source of the moisture...the drain from my air conditioning unit was falling on the garage floor instead of into the floor drain. I think that moisture must have seeped through the cinder blocks and behind the sheet rock. Oh, how I pray that's the only place they will find mold as I am sure the house will have to be inspected!

Tomorrow, I will call my contractor and fill him in on the mold situation as my house is -thankfully-still under warranty. Until then...maybe I need to read Leviticus again to properly learn how to rid my house of mold and mildew!

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The Raudenbush Family said...

Oh boy! Hope it's resolved quickly!