Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Because I know you will love this too!

When I was working on my Masters degree, I lived in what we called "married student housing"...'cept I wasn't married.  I believe it has since evolved in to "non-traditional student housing."  Anyway, for part of the time, I had a roomie.

This is her - my former roomie -  with her sweet family!

We had classes together and were even at the same school for our internship.  I knew then that she was fabulously creative, but seriously...I had no idea!  Most of the time when I comment on her blog, I jokingly say that she made me throw up just a little bit!  She is totally...I mean totally so many ways.  She is a super dear of those that even when you don't talk for months or even years, you can just pick right up!  Her model to me as a wife and a momma...phenomenal!  And her creative expertise...totally sickning...and I say that with much love and respect!  :)

Her blog,  Happy Day,  is one of my very favorites cause her ideas are super simple...but the effect is HUGE!  Check out what she did with a seemingly "useless" nook in her house...brilliant, I tell you!  BRILLANT!!!

Love you, tiff!  I feel like breaking into an 80's Chicago ballad..."you're the inspiration!"  :)

By the way...It was I who stole HER cute blog background!  She's got good taste...I couldn't resist!

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Tiffany said...

Angie, you are amazing. Wow. That was quite a special post you wrote about me. That will have me floating for at least a week.

You are awesome in a million billion ways! I was so incredibly blessed to have had the privilege of being your roommate. You are an amazing friend and I am so grateful to know you!

Thank you for the wonderful things you said about me and for caring about me the way you do.

Oh, how I will be dreaming of a day when we can sit back on a comfy couch and watch a super awesome 80's movie together again...

Love you.