Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Beginning of the New Beginning...

Tomorrow is the starting point.  I will begin my liquid diet in preparation for surgery.  This weekend, I have treated myself to a few more favorites that I know I will not be eating for some time.  On Saturday, my Mom and I went to Five Guys - if you've eaten there, you know why I felt that was a necessary place to eat!  Their burgers and fries are incredibly delicious!  Then tonight, Sydney and Matthew went with me to Outback.  It wasn't necessarily that I had to have steak as much as it was that I needed A1 sauce!  ;) 

Also, this afternoon, I made my favorite cake - yellow cake with chocolate icing.  I always have that for my birthday - I don't want a store bought cake or even a "from scratch" cake - I want the mix and the canned frosting!  I shared the cake, but kept some for myself.  I know that I won't be ready for the sugar and sweetness of cake by the time my birthday comes in March.  At some point, I may be able to handle small bites of sweets, but it will be a while...and I am ok with that. 

Sure, there's a part of me that's a little sad to know that these foods I love, I will not be able to tolerate, but it's the price I am ready and willing to pay for a healthier (and skinnier) life!  I just don't have the willpower to do it all on my own...the surgery will help me get over those humps!

So what CAN I eat for the next 10 days...I will tell you just in case you want to support me by doing the same diet!  * wink, wink*

2 cups or less daily of 100% juice, Gatorade, or Powerade
3 or less Regular Jello, popsicles, or no sugar added fudgesicles
3 servings or less skim milk, light yogurt, cottage cheese
1-2 low-carb, low-sugar protein shakes

And I can have all I want of these things...
broth - any flavor
sugar free drinks
sugar free popsicles
sugar free Jello

YUM!!  Wonder how many pounds I will lose on this - even before surgery! 

hang on, folks!  We are going for a ride!


The Raudenbush Family said...

Oh my. Good thing that diet is after Thanksgiving! And, yes, I had Five Guys myself on Friday. They are literally the best. Looking forward to seeing your transformation!

amazeingteacher said...

oh i don't know how you will do this...there are not a lot of choices on that list! i'd say keep your calendar busy with stuff to keep your mind off your hunger. now, you have made me crave a five guys burger! too bad i don't have a restaurant nearby! good luck with everything and keep us posted on how you are doing!!