Monday, November 23, 2009

I confess...

I am totally addicted to caffeine.  In my opinion, any tough spot in life - or celebration - can be made better with a diet coke - especially one from McD's!  After surgery, I will not be able to have carbonation or caffeine - at least for a while.  So, I decided to go ahead and start weaning myself.  I had given up carbonation a few months ago as I was losing weight.  That wasn't nearly as hard as giving up caffeine.  I am struggling.  I didn't have any caffeine until this evening.  On top of that, I have a head cold/sinus congestion.  A caffeine withdraw headache and a sinus headache combo is not fun. 

The reason for not having carbonation is that the air bubbles cause even more of a sensation of fullness, causing me to not want to eat.  I will have trouble eating enough asit is...also,  they lead to bloat, and are just generally not a good thing for my new tiny stomach.  The reason for cutting down on caffeine is that caffeine is a diuretic.  Because I will be taking in so much less liquid to begin with, there is danger of becoming dehydrated.  That's not a good thing for anyone...but it poses even more issues for someone with a tiny pouch for a stomach.  These are the issues that I have chosen to deal with in order to end up healthier on the other side!

My plan for tomorrow is to have a little caffeine in the morning...then lots of water...and then maybe a little tea tomorrow evening. 

Beginning Monday, I will be on a liquid diet...I want to have the caffeine thing kind of kicked by then.  I can't imagine the grumps that could come from hunger and caffeine withdraw at the same time.

Any words of wisdom on kicking caffeine would be appreciated!


The Raudenbush Family said...

I have reflux and had to give up caffeine as well as seriously limit even my decaf coffee intake. I was nearly in tears when the doctor told me this! I love my coffee in the afternoon especially when I would sit and take a few minutes of quiet for myself. It was hard, but it didn't last long. I do still desire it sometimes. But, I have learned to really enjoy hot milk with a little bit of vanilla in it. It's become my comfort drink instead. And, yes, I do sometimes miss the jolt and the mood booster of the caffeine. But, it's also a really good feeling to know that I don't need that "drug" anymore. Keep going! You'll get through it!

Chrissy said...

Wow! Major life changes!! I am not sure which one it is..I am thinking Excedrin has caffeine- so when I am detoxing from the caffeine drinks I keep those around. Not sure if you will be able to take anything- but they do help me! Have the Dr.s said that the caffeine will still act as a dieretic (sp?) i thought if you had been drinking them for a while they kinda lost their affect for that??

keep the blogging and facebook world posted!

Susan said...

have a VERY Happy Turkey day!!! Enjoy every morsel :)

Meredith Nicole said...

Hi, I am not sure how I stumbled onto your blog but am so glad I did! We are planning to start the adoption process in the New Year and I just had gastric bypass about a month ago! I have to say the liquid diet is really one of the worst parts of the whole thing...but after a few days even that wasn't so bad. I do admit I miss diet coke from McDs (or anywhere for that matter) but am learning to drink decaf iced and hot tea. And warm skim milk with sugar free hazelnut is good too. Anyway, if you have any questions you ever want to run by someone who doesn't know you my e mail is
Best of luck to you--