Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It happens every year...

I guess it is kind of a bad time of year to need to rest.  This morning my dad called with his typical before Christmas went something like this:

Dad:  Are you going shopping today?
Me:  Maybe
Dad: Do you think you could pick up a few things for your Mom from me?
me:  Like what?
Dad: I don't know what she likes.  Maybe some body cream.  Whatever you think.
Me:  How much should I spend?
Dad:  I don't know.  However much you think.

it happens every why don't I plan a little better and just go ahead and get stuff?  I say that every year.  So...out I went...

I started by meeting my friend, Sydney, for lunch at one of my favorite places close to where she works.  every once in a while they have THE BEST homemade potato chips.  The past few times I've been they haven't had them.  Of course they would have them today when I can't eat them.  I orderd the broth part of the oriental chicken soup.  Syd got the REAL soup full of chicken, mushrooms (yuck) and wontons, the freshest looking salad, and the chips.  She asked if it bothered me...and it doesn't really.  I mean, YES!  I would love to have ALL of those things, but the thought of how I would feel 5 minutes after eating it holds me back!  Not to mention the probablilty of blockages etc.  So we enjoyed our lunch together...and then I was off...SHOPPING

I had thought of some ideas for Mom...but it took some doing...went to several stores before I found the right one.  (Can't say what it was in case she reads this!)  Then, of course, I couldn't lift it, so I had to get help.  Then I went to the Mall...twice cause I forgot something the first time.  Also, had to get Max a few goodies at the pet store.  Can't tell what I got him either...he may read this...He's pretty smart you know! was could no longer be avoided...I had to go to W*l-M*art.  I had to get some meds at the pharmacy and had also decided to do a little baking, so I needed a few groceries as well as some more goodies for Mom.  Seriously, I must have walked around that place for 2 hours.  By the time I left I honestly didn't think I could take another step.  So many ins and outs of the car and all the walking...I am sure to pay for this tomorrow. 

I had to get Dad to come to my house and bring everything upstairs as I can't lift or do multiple trips on the stairs. I was so tired and decided I needed to rest.   I laid down and was out like a light.  I was out shopping  for nearly 7 hours today...less than 2 weeks post surgery...pretty sure I don't want to tell my doctor that!

Then, when I woke from my nap, I was ready to do a little candy making...although I confess I wondered how I would do this without being able to taste any of the goodies without getting sick!  I did allow myself a few krispies.  (after tomorrow, I can have why not have a few tonight!  Amazing what a treat that felt like!)

I started with marshmallow treats - YUM!  Then moved on to my Dad's favorite - Peanut butter swirl candy.  I am not a professional at it although I am getting better...

You start with a box of powdered sugar, a little softened butter and some evaporated milk.  Mix it together until you end up with a ball of "dough."  There's nothing exact about this just have to feel it.  (I always hate when people tell me that in recipes! ) Anyway...then, you roll it out like a pie crust - which is interesting as it tends to be sticky or I said, you have to feel it.  And by the way...who woulda thunk the stomach muscles used in making this "dough"...gonna pay for that too!

Then, once the dough is pretty thin, you spread peanut butter over the circle...

And finally, you start at one side and roll the dough.  After it's rolled, wrap it in wax paper and refrigerate it for several hours.  Once it's chilled, you cut it and hopefully have beautifully swirled candy.  Hopefully.  We'll see tomorrow!  No matter what it looks like, my dad will say it's great!

Then, I went ahead and made the peanut butter balls as they have to refrigerate overnight before I dip them in chocolate tomorrow.

Whew!  What a day!  I think I even wore Max out...he's zonked on the couch.

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amazeingteacher said...

oh i had to do all the shopping for my dad through the years too! i remember being very young...maybe 10 years old and he gave me a couple hundred dollar bills and let me out at the mall to shop for mom. It was the most money I'd ever seen before in my purse! Times were different then, and I guess he felt safe letting a young girl out on her own.