Wednesday, March 3, 2010

LOA Excitement

On Monday, I got the best birthday present EVER!  My letter of acceptance arrived from China to my agency.  Sarah at Living Hope overnighted it to me.  Tuesday, it was waiting at my front door.
I took the package to the funeral home where my Dad works.  The secretary is a notary and one of the forms had to be notarized.

There it is!  The signed form...the next step toward my baby girl.  That's my dad in the background.  You can't tell by the look on his face, but he was pretty excited!
The form was beautiful.  I just kept looking at it and feeling it.
Finally, I rushed to get it sent back to my agency.  Today, they were sending it right on to China. 

Now what?  Now I am waiting on China to send Travel Approval or TA.  I am praying that will come by March 17.  If it does, I will likely leave for China on March 31!  I know that God is a God of details.  I fully trust that He continues to be in control of this whole process.  No matter when I end up going to China, I know that He will orchestrate it all...cause He's good like that!


amazeingteacher said...

awesome! i can't believe you could be leaving the end of the month! that is crazy and wonderful! i will be praying to that end...and i'll be right behind you and emma!!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Love the pictures! You are glowing!

Becky said...

Your feet must not even be on the ground!

Courtney said...


We are also a Living Hope family! We traveled in February to Xi'an CWI to adopt our little 2 year old boy! Same orphanage as your little girl! Living Hope is a very good agency, and the Xi'an orphanage is a good one!! Congrats on your daughter. Xi'an is an amazing have to see the Terracotta Warriors while you're there! You can go to our blog and look at the photos from our China Trip if you want to!

I hope your TA comes soon...congrats again!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! How exciting!! There are just no words to describe how excited I am for you, Angie!! I loved reading all of these posts! May 11 is an awesome is my birthday too!! I am so excited that I share a birthday with your sweet Emma! And by the way, you look SO are truly glowing! I am so happy that your dreams are coming true! Keep the info coming and I hope you are able to post from China! I can't wait to see more pictures and especially to see the first picture of you holding your sweet baby girl!!!!
Natalie Lee

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Happy Belated Birthay too!!! I'd say "I hope it was a great day", but I know that it was! :-)

Alana said...

Any news? Hoping and praying for you!!!

tammy said...

Of all the people that I have watched get referrals, I have to say this has been the most exciting...congratulations!

Tammy & Meisha