Monday, May 17, 2010

Playing catch up

On Sunday, we visited The Guangdong Folk Arts Museum. The museum is actually located in Chen's Ancestral Hall. It was built in the late 1800's.

See the lion behind Emma and me? You probably can't see it, but there is a ball in the lion's mouth. It's a wishing ball. If you can get the ball out without breaking it, your wish will be granted. Seeing as how the lion and ball are still in tact 130 years later, I am assuming no one has ever been granted a wish.

In the building are many samples of traditional Chinese art. One of those is silk embroidery. I was amazed at the detail they could create with strands of thread. Mrs. Rachel, one of the pieces was a girl with lambs...I had to take a picture of it for you!

Throughout the building are antique furniture pieces. I am very thankful for American beds! The beds here in China are as hard as concrete slabs! On the picture of this antique bed, you can see that there is no mattress...that is not a mistake. They did not use a mattress! Can you see the "pillows?" They are actually porcelain...I can't imagine that would be very comfortable, but it was actually a status symbol to have porcelain pillows. I will take my down-alternatives any day!

While we were looking at all the details around us, the babies on our group -Emma and Anita - were checking each other out. Anita is a little bit younger than Emma.

The hotel we are in is really beautiful...I need to take lots more pictures to show Emma when she is older. There is a beautiful waterfall and a Koi pond. Emma loves to watch the fish and I am pretty convinced that if I didn't hold onto her pretty tightly that she would have jumped right in there with them! This morning at breakfast, our table was close to the water and she kept pointing at the fish and just giggling! Papa Tom, have you ever thought of putting in a pond?

Now, it's 5:30 in the morning and Emma is snoring away...she saws logs like a lumberjack! I am feeling some better...feeling pretty hungry so I guess that's a good sign after the past 2 days! I ate almost nothing yesterday. I wish I had some saltine crackers in the room...I think that would taste so good. Instead, I opened a pack of Oreo's I bought but forgot to put in the "Guess the Goodie" post. I am sad to say that I don't think they taste the same. maybe it's my taste buds since surgery or just being sick...but they aren't good. I didn't even finish a whole cookie...go figure!

Tuesday and Wednesday are mostly free days. Then on Thursday afternoon, Emma's visa should be ready. Thursday night, the two of us will fly to Beijing and spend the night. Then, on Friday morning, we will start the long trip home...we will basically live Friday 2 times...I hope it's a good day! ;) Please be in prayer for us as we travel those days...should be interesting maneuvering through airports with luggage, a stroller and a 2 year old...but I wouldn't trade it for anything! I love this girl!

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The Raudenbush Family said...

Anita looks like a real cutie. Hope you are having fun paling around with some other families and their children. We enjoyed that. We skipped the folk arts museum for the safari instead. Have you shopped much in Guangzhou?