Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Red Couch

Here at the White Swan, it is an adoptive family tradition to have the babies sit on one of the red couches for a group photo. Every picture I've ever seen has been a comedy...seriously, how DO you get several babie to smile and look the same direction. Our picture was no different.

Dave - being the photographer that he is also took some portraits of Emma around the hotel and I must say the ones he showed me are priceless! The format is much to large for email, but I will share some when I get them.

I am still struggling with Guangzhou's revenge. Our guide, Helen, brought me some Chinese medicine today, but I am sad to say it makes me sick. Since having gastric bypass, it is nearly impossible for me to throw up - because of where they cut my stomach - however my body tried really hard this afternoon after drinking that medicine. Don't think I will take anymore. I am getting a bit weak...haven't eaten anything to speak of in 2 and a half days. Please, please, be praying that I get to feeling much better by the time I leave tomorrow at 3.

Emma is doing super well...what a trooper she is! Today, we went to the US consulate for our group oath. I am sad to say that right now I can't even remember what we said...but I cried. It was the last step in this long, long process. As I stood there holding her...looking at her sweet face...I am just so thankful and I can't imagine my life without her in it! It's official baby - I am yours and you are mine!

Tomorrow afternoon, we will pick up her Chinese passport complete with US Visa and then head straight for the airport...homeward bound!

Nana and Papa...make sure there are bananas and oatmeal and orange juice...and plenty of snacks at our house! Yes, my daughter's favorite food is "snacks"...she truly was meant for me!


Cindy said...

Angie, I hope you are feeling better soon! Congrats on it being official! I am so very happy for you both! Checking out your red couch photos and is that Rose from Starfish Foster home????!!!!!! I feel like I know that little girl from following the blog!!! I am so very happy she found her family too!!!! What an amazing adventure you are on!!!
Much love,

amazeingteacher said...

i am praying for you girl! you will be home soon and it will feel SOOOOO good!! Travel was rough for Molly and me so I'm praying big time for you girls!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Okay, Emma is not so happy to have ShaeRose hugging her in that pic. :) What sweet girlies all sitting there looking beautiful even if they are not happy! I'll be praying specifically for good health as you travel in only a matter of hours.

Joy said...

Is your guide, Helen Huang? We had her as our guide and we LOVED her. She is so sweet. My son really bonded with her. She has a son around my son's age.

Thewynn said...


I just found your blog, been following the Clapps. I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well, your almost home now! I have enjoyed catching up on your blog and can't wait to meet Emma!

Michael, Starla, and Mikayla

Heather said...


I found you blog thru mom's (Ms Shirley) facebook page! WOW! She's beautiful and I love the blog. We will have to get Emma and Connor together for a playdate when you guys get settled in here!

Heather (Dotson) Burnette

冠廷 said...

How are you~.................................................................

tiffany said...

I hope you are feeling better by now? And welcome home! Can't wait to see more pix of Miss E settling in to her new home.

The Raudenbush Family said...

Hoping to see a new post soon! Are you doing alright? Is Mr. Jet Lag killing you still? I hope not! So looking forward to hearing how you are!