Friday, May 7, 2010

Touring Beijing

What a busy day! First of all, Amy and I slept like logs. We even woke up this morning thinking we had overslept because it was so bright...but it was only 6 am! Jet lag has been kind to us this round!

We started this morning with a breakfast buffet like no other...seriously, like no other. Apparently noodles and baked beans are breakfast food! I had a little egg and a piece of toast...just couldn't bring myself to eat baked beans.

Then, we drove to see Tian'anmen Square and the Forbidden City. I was amazed at the size of the Forbidden has 9,999 rooms...everything was in 9's or multiples of nines. We had walked for what seemed like forever...and were still just in the outer court.

For lunch, we had family style Chinese food. We tried several dishes. I also had some jasmine tea - the tea pot was full of flowers and the tea was quite tasty.

After the siteseeing, we went to the Pearl Market. OH MY GOODNES! Amy and I could have gotten into some serious trouble, but sadly we only had 1 hour. My friend Kelly who just returned from China told us about the best place to get pearls so we made a B-Line to Lisa's pearls. We bought lots of goodies. I got a set for Emma for her wedding day. We got so many that they couldn't finish them all before we left, so Lisa delivered them to our hotel this evening. She was so sweet! Amy and I said we were her BFF's!

We ended the day with the most amazing acrobatic show. At one point there were 12 girls on 1 bycicle! I am sad that pictures were not allowed...I am not so sure that I could have picked my jaw up off the floor to take a picture.

For supper...get ready for this...Pizza Hut. I had cheese pizza. The pizza was much like ours, but the menu was much more varied.

The internet is terribly slow, so I am not going to post pictures tonight...way too tired.

Tomorrow, we are off to Living Hope's Training Center and the Great Wall. Tomorrow night...Peking Duck! yum?!


Margaret Stalcup said...

WOW does that bring back memories or what!? The interesting breakfast buffet selections, endless walk through the Forbidden City, Peark Factory, and yes the Acrobat show was definitely one to remember. We brought home a DVD of one of their performances and I was showing it to LoriBeth just a couple of weeks ago. The last 5 years have just flown by but reading your post made it seem like yesterday all over again. Take care and keep us posted. Can't wait to hear that you have your little sweetie in your arms.

Becky said...

My son and his wife still miss a lot of the Chinese food. We have a great small Chinese restaurant in our city and if you call one day ahead, you can get Peking Duck. That is usually their birthday treat!!

Shelley said...

Hi glad that you are having fun and everything is going well!! We are praying for you and anxiously awaiting any and all posts from you!! :-)
Glad you got such good deals on pearls!! :-)
love ya~
David, Shelley, Aly and Lili...and Bailey too!!

Cindy said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time so far! I wish I got to tour Beijing too but I just couldn't spare the time. Take lots of pix and I'll live vicariously through you!!!! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

The Raudenbush Family said...

Hooray, Hooray! You are there! And, don't worry, we have oodles of pictures of the acrobat show. No one told us we couldn't take pictures! So glad you found Lisa. My mom and I thought it was hilarious that she brought stuff back to the hotel for you! How much did you buy????!!!!!

tammy said...

YAHHHHHOOOOO...You made it!!!!...we are all watching and holding our breath til we see you with your sweet baby!!!!!

Tammy & Meisha

Joy said...

I am so excited that you finally get your daughter.
The visit to the training center was one of the highlights of our trip. The children there are so sweet.
Enjoy your time with your daughter.