Saturday, July 10, 2010

I'm a BIG girl!

Thursday night was a night of celebration!  We have some friends who are leaving for China Wednesday to adopt their second baby.  Another family hosted a dinner...we had a great night of fellowship...and REALLY good food!  The little girls had their own table.  It was within sight of the adult table, but in another room.  I had my doubts as to whether Emma would actually sit at the table, but she jumped up in the chair and went to town! 

A few minutes later, she did start to roam...back and forth with her pizza crust. 

After dinner, I had an experience which further inducted me into Mommyhood.  Emma had a dirty diaper...I could smell it!  I carried her into the other room to change her.  I noticed that it was not contained in her diaper - JOY!  My big girl had a BIG poop!  I got her cleaned up and then picked her up again...she still stunk!  AHA!  it was on her dress...So I did a little spot wash and all was well.  So I thought.

After we left, we went to Target.  Half way through the store I noticed that I had something on my shirt...all over my was was stinky...I was covered in poop! 

I have been inducted!

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amazeingteacher said...

oh the joys....right?? so glad you went to target to share the poopy shirt with everyone! ha!!