Friday, September 24, 2010

Poor Girl

Yesterday, Emma's sitter called about lunch time to tell me that she had a fever of 102.6.  Because of the time of day, they could not get a sub for my class, so Mom went to get Emma and love on her until I could get home.  I went ahead and made sub plans for the next day so I could stay home with her on Friday.  By the time I got home Thursday afternoon, her temp was 104.8 so I called the doctor and we went on in just to be sure. 

her ears, throat and lungs were clear. The doctor did test for flu, but that was negative, too. So we are just dealing with a virus. Nothing a little soup won't make better...

Later, we had to make a delivery to our friend Syd.  If you remember, Syd was the one who introduced Em to chocolate.  She thought that chocolate would certainly make Emma feel better last night.
I think there was as much m&m chocolate on her face as there was in her mouth! 

Her fever went up again just before bed, but with a little medicine, it went right down...and has stayed away!  Her temp has been normal since 1:30 this morning!

I went in to check on her again about 7 this morning and ended up waking her up.  So much for my dreams of sleeping in...So we got up and made breakfast...

Emma helped, of course.

I think we are ready for a nap now...momma is anyway!


Tiffany said...

she is just so precious. scary when their fevers get high. glad it went back to normal and she is doing okay. whew. i bet you are worn out. : )

The Raudenbush Family said...

Awww...two poor girlies. Glad she's doing better now. Hope you get your morning to sleep in tomorrow!

Gavin's Family said...

What a sweet girl you have!
It was fun to go back and see that you got your little one just a day before we got ours in Shandong China, and from the looks of it we were in GZ at the same time. We came home 2 days after you. Wow where has the last 4 months gone.
Hope your sweetie gets to feeling better.