Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Remember your Roots

This past weekend was my college's homecoming.  I was super excited to go this year and show my girl around! 

Every year, there is a parade down the main street of campus.  The Buffalo is our school mascot and I had dreams of getting Emma's picture with the buffalo.  NO DOING.  She was terrified even when it was far away.  She was clawing into me as I took this picture.

One thing she did like was the train ride!  She has been into "trains" lately.  She kept saying, "Choo choo!"

All afternoon, there was a bluegrass band playing.  Knowing how Emma loves music, I really thought she would dance like crazy, but she just listened mostly.   Here she is with her new friend - the daughter of my friends Scott and Leanna.
I tld them I was going to take their picture...Emma knows how to pose.  Check out her trying to get close to Emily!

Then, it was time to run!  Forget the dancing...just let me run!

The girl was worn out.  She fell asleep before we even got off campus...and our campus is not large.

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Suzanne said...

Hi, Angie! My name is Suzanne Rowe and I live in Smyrna,TN. I saw your blog via Amy Maze's blog.
I am a single momma through adoption as well...Yay! I adopted Catherine Elizabeth on April 2, 2007. She was born on March 1, 2006 in Jiangxi in the city of Fuzhou. Cate is an amazing gift!
And...your Emma...oh, my goodnes...Precious, Beautiful Angel! Congratulations! I applied in November 2004 and finally traveled to bring my baby home in March 2007. Not sure if you've seen the books, "Motherbridge of Love" and "Along Came You." 2 of my faves! Just thought I'd pass those on. ~Oh...I just have to tell you as I skimmed your blog from the beginning...I read your Comedy Routine on Being Single...I laughed SO HARD!!! Thank you!
~Hope you're doing well. I am smiling thinking about all of your precious firsts with Emma...will there even be room for Emma once Santa is finished delivering everything??? Blessings from one happy momma to another, Suzanne