Friday, November 26, 2010

A little holiday confusion...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! 
And according to Emma, Happy Halloween!  and Merry Christmas! 
WhenI ask her what's on her jammies she says, "santa clause, snowman, and raindrop" 
Still working on the whole "reindeer" thing!  ;)  Gotta get it on video! 

What a lot I have to be thankful for this little thing in particular!  This time last year, I could not fathom that she would be in my arms this year...Such a little miracle!

Wednesday night, I stayed up WAY TOO LATE decorating the tree to surprise Emma.  When she has seen a Christmas tree anywhere she's gotten so excited so I couldn't wait for her to see ours!  I carried her down the steps and there was an audible gasp when she saw the tree..."momma?!?!  Christmas tree?!?!"  She then had to personally touch nearly every ornament within her reach.  Priceless.

We watched a little bit of the parade...although Emma is far too busy for TV.  She played sweetly while I cooked...corn casserole and sweet potatoe casserole.  Then, we headed up the street to Nana and Papa's.  She was so excited to see people she loves.  When she sees them, she says, "Hi, (and their name)" so sweetly.  When she meets strangers in the store, she wants to know their name so she can greet them.  Love that about my girl!  We ate and played...did you know she loves pickled beets?  Crazy I tell you!  She and my cousin's daughter, Brianna, played in the leaves - it was an incredibly gorgeous day - upper 60's if you can believe that! 

After a short nap, we went back to Nana and Papa's.  We ate a little snack and played some more.  I must have taken some kind of crazy pill cause I decided I wanted to shop with all the crazies at 4 am on Black Friday.  Emma, Max,  and I spent the night with the grandparents so I could go out and shop and she could stay in her warm, cozy bed. 

I got up about 3:15 and was at Target by 3:50.  The line was tremendous!  Serious fire code breaking going on there!  I want a new camera for Christmas and they had one I loved on sale.  I had bought a new camera for China (the same one I went to buy) and it was dropped and broken on our very 1st day  So I have been using my old and SLOW camera since then.  They had some great deals...too bad they were all sold out before I ever even made it to the front of the electronics line.  I got Emma a few things...nothing major, but she will be so excited!  I stood in a line about a mile long to pay.  Not. even. kidding.  Several times I almost set my stuff down and left, but I had to have something to show for my first 4 am Black Friday experience - (and honestly probably my last)  I would rather pay $50 extra bucks the week before and avoid the crowd!  ;)

Then I went to another store that had the step up from the camera I wanted for a pretty good deal.  And lots less crowded!  Thanks Santa for the camera I don't know I am getting!!  ;) 

I was back home and asleep by 6:30.  Thankfully Emma slept until about 9:30.  We had a super lazy day.  Stayed in our jammies and comfy clothes ALL. DAY. LONG!!!  Nana cooked us a yummy omelet for breakfast and then Mom and I actually played Skip-Bo (I won by the way!!)  We used to play a lot...somehow since Emma came along, we haven't played as much.  Emma played sweetly by that girl!  We all layed down and took a nap after that - Ahhhhhhh!

We finally ventured home - still in our jammies - about 5 this afternoon.  Emma played and I put up the outside Christmas decorations and cleaned the kitchen.  we had a low key evening that we both really needed.  She got an early bedtime...well, not so much early as it was normal, but this week has been a little crazy.  I still have lots of picking up to do...funny the mess I can make while cleaning...strange phenomenon.

Not sure if we will get into anything tomorrow.  If it weren't the Saturday after Thanksgiving, I would probably want to go shopping...but I just don't think I can do the crowds...Maybe it will be a cookie baking day...

Stay tuned...

And merry halloween-giving from us to you!  ;)

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