Friday, November 26, 2010

Jump Aubbey?!?!

My friend Leigh and I took our girls to this cool little jumping play place on Wednesday night.  The girls are almost exactly 6 months apart and are BIG buddies.  Emma asks about Aubrey pert near every day!  "Aubey go?"  We tried to get a good pic of the nailing jello to the wall!

Oh well...we know how cute they were!  Then we went to dinner and a few places to shop.  In one store, they both picked up tote bags and were carrying them around like big girls.  Leigh told me not to look at what they said..."Going to the Chapel."  Nope, not yet you aren't! 

At the end of the night, the girls gave each other big hugs and all the way home this was our conversation:
 Emma: "Jump Aubey?" 
Me:  "Yes. You jumped with Aubrey."
Emma:  "Aubey go?"
Me:  "Aubrey's going home with her momma."
Emma:  "eeee"
Me:  "yes, Leigh is her momma."
Emma:  "Aubey jump gain?"
Me:  "Yes, we will jump with Aubrey again"

We had this same conversation - sometimes in a different order, but always the same - several times on the way home.

Emma and I pray before bed every night.  That night, when she was thanking God for all the people she loves, Aubrey and Leigh were at the tip top of her list. 

I am thankful we both have sweet friends!

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