Monday, November 22, 2010

Wedding preparation

We celbrated the coming marriage of my friend Cherith a few weeks ago.  Emma loved the "eating" part of the celebration.  She spied these "cheesecake pops" the moment we walked in and would not rest until she had one of her own!
She also thought the gift opening part of the day was pretty fun!

Part of our gift was chocolates - Cherith has quite a sweet tooth. 
Emma wanted me to open them for her to eat!

She made fast friends with Cherith's dad.  His name is Donald, but she has called him "Duck" and "Doughnut" least that's what it sounds like.

Here's Cherith, Emma, and the LOVELY bow bouquet I made for her.

 Emma fell in love with Oscar...Oscar fell asleep!

The shower had a "sweet tooth" theme...complete with candy everywhere...Emma was especially pleased with that part!

Then, we headed into the sanctuary to practice.  She was going to be the flower girl. 
The aisle is sloped a bit.  She got about halfway down, sat down, and said, "SLIDE!" 

Then, we needed to be fitted for our dresses.

Emma was super excited about her "pretty dress"...although there were a few "itchy" tears.

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